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    ***TRADE***Im thinking of letting this guy go. He's adorable, but apparently not my cup of tea. Willing to trade for another model. Maybe a copperfox? Auron is colored resin, covered in green/golden pearlescent sheen. If you are interested, please message me!65293935_2507586255930508_2760721359150514176_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_oc=AQlnjzCi7cFv2D4F0ihnp7rVB3L_AaQbzzCSUFDBy2tNe6Ombldi3fQ56MYqPO8ZXaQ&_nc_ht=scontent-sof1-1.xx&oh=7b1e7312d1b1546190a14efc318a5b83&oe=5DC39062:pfe1:

    @Sagaland Thank you! :) Calin is a really lovely mare, but I am not sure I could ever ride her in english saddle, her gallop is SO much different than an Arabian for example. More deep. The first time I rode her I thought I am going to fly out of the saddle, lol! Her trot is to die for though! (I'll post a link to a short video where you can see her in action :) ) She's extremely calm though, I love her!

    And to keep it on topic :)
    Another couple of my CollectA models:

    Looks like everyone like Supernova! :rot: I'm humbled by your comments! So here's one more photo of her

    I just adore this girl!
    @Gravity - Mentor is one of my babies! He's a HA Al Sayyid resin sculpted by Heike Polster (He's still sold on horsing around's website) Here he is sporting an arab set I did quite some time ago

    Thank you so much for your kind words guys! Very much appreciated :)
    I thought I would post a photo of part of my collection all at their spots, just for fun This shelf holds the most valuable models I own (Not just money wise, most of them don't cost much, but also sentimental value)

    Thanks for your comments about VIP Calin <3 I really love that girl. She's only ridden western :)

    But that's enough of real horses here, isn't it.
    I am a HUGE fan of the CollectA models! Really loving them. Hoping to get all of them at some point. Can't post photos of all of them at once, so will share just a couple in this post ;)
    Hades is one of my absolute favourites (Friesian, of course, surprise, surprise) Planning to be making a portrait of Calin on one of these guys in the future. This guy has a custom painted eyes and nostrils. I really disliked his black eyes, lol.

    Next up is my Campolina stallion (Who still needs a name, what a shame!) He's also a favourite.
    And last, but by no means least is this girl :)

    Thinking I'd stop it right here or I will end up linking models until tomorrow, lol! I'm telling you, I can do that haha. ;)
    Thank you again for all your kind words and comments They really mean a lot!

    Congrats on the new beauty and keep up the nice work with your tack! :) Oh and let's see some photos of your Friesian :love:

    Oh, she's not new :) I've had her for a couple of years now, I just post photos in portions, lol.
    The friesian I ride isn't mine, my riding instructor owns her and I ride her every time I want :) Her name is VIP Calin. The photo I've added is from the summer. Just before we went out for a ride in the forest :) I trully love that girl. The horse in the background is named Schwarz ;)

    Thank you everyone for all the kind words! I really need to add some new photos to the thread!

    Blizzard has an interesting briddle. What is it called? :)

    Blizzard's bridle is actually a halter. It's supposed to be a Criollo one. Will take a better photo of it and will post it in a separate comment for you :)

    Phoenix' saddle is really nice - did you make it? I love drafters under saddle (especially Western :) )!

    Thank you! I am really happy you like it. I did make it indeed. Still looking for some ways to improve it, haha. It's very adjustable though, so it fits most of my models, which is nice. Drafters in western are the best! (Or Friesians, as that's what I am riding, haha)

    Sassy Stables would like to introduce to you all the horses in our stables! Please, feel free to comment, suggest names, criticize...anything you'd like to do! :)
    Diva (Sheza Dance Diva) -she's our newest herd member :)

    This guy still needs a name, feel free to give suggestions!

    Blizzard is so proud!

    Then, here is Titania :) (she's painted by myself)

    Dante's Inferno , also painted by me

    Then, here's Mentor (painted by myself as well) He's so cheeky!

    This next guy also needs a name :(

    And this guy too

    Phoenix :) Who said drafters cant work under saddle?

    That is for now! :) Next batch of ponies will be posted soon!