Fragen, Feedback, Informationsaustausch mit Safari Ltd

  • :hi: It's already a long time passed......... I really like the Safari animals, especially the horses and dogs (and Andrea's Turkey, he is absolutely great!) and looking foreward to the new models next year I would be very pleased to continue our talking about Safari molds on this place.....! :thumbup:

    Ich liebe Modellpferde und schöne Modellpferdefotografie, deshalb bin ich hier ! <3

  • By the way the Safari 2017 dinosaurs whose thirteen models I have already ordered to the store are fabulous. With absolute security this year Safari will be the first dinosaur toy company in quality and scientific authenticity.

    On the other hand I congratulate them not to make movable jaws their theropods and that they do not have detachable bases like the rest of the other companies.

    By the way I wanted to ask Ramona Relative when the Safari dinosaurs will be available in the store, when will they come to the store? I would like to get all the news of Safari 2017 before the end of the year.

    :) :Smo: :pulgar arriba:My name is Alex and I want to make comments and contributions in the forum, always respecting its rules and adhering to its discipline. I am an amateur especially to dinosaurs and sadly sadly disappeared animals very recently as thylacino and quagga to cite two examples.