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    Will there be a 2nd cast of the Lucius Version no. 1 ?
    Would be awesome, 'cause it seems like much more want him (including me :whistling:^^ )

    I have decided to keep the original edition size (2 molds) as that is what I have stated it to be right in the beginning and in my opinion it's not right to change my mind at this point.

    However, there will be a braided mane/tail version of this Lusitano! His overall pose will also be modified to a more performance oriented one and will not have a base. This 2nd version was announced on my FaceBook page some weeks before the release of Lucius, and it will be the only (1:9 scale) variation of him released as resin. I'm planning to make mini versions of all my pieces, so a mini Lucius might see the light of day at some point :)

    I have received a lot of inquiries about the possibility of casting of Lucius (no. 1) becoming available at some point due to buyers perhaps backing out or molds being able to produce more than expected. If I end up getting some extras from the molds I will be putting those up on MH$P individually. I'm not taking any reservations on them as so many have asked about it and it is not guaranteed that there will be extras.

    Hi there! I'm very happy to see that so many here like Lucius :) I wanted to specify that he will be orderable through me, like my previous resins, but the molding and castings will be done by Seunta for me. And like my previous ones, orders from EU are shipped from Finland, others from USA. Although, if I have castings in stock here in Finland, I sometimes ship to other nearby countries (like Russia, Norway, Switzerland etc.) as well.

    I hope it's okay to write here in English, as I can't write in German :/