Breyerfest 2019

  • Hello. I'm DooWiki from the Unites States of America.

    My Mom and I will be attending our seventh Breyerfest. Last year I had a wonderful time meeting Alexander who requested my Breyerfest cartoons and provided the contact with this model horse forum.

    This year I will provide links to my Breyerfest Blog 2019. I invite you to travel with us to Breyerfest, experience the strange adventures of road travel in America, vicariously watch the creation and anticipation on the diorama contest, and feast on the eye candy of pictures and cartoons. Comments are welcome in any language, although we all speak in the same tongue in our love for model horses.

    Model Horse Blab

    The primary blog. Usually the moderator opens this forum to the unsubscribed public during the week of Breyerfest. If today, Sunday 7.7.2019, will not allow you to read it, check in tomorrow.…32&viewfull=1#post3123732

    Do Wiki's FaceBook page

    Scroll down to find the start of the blog. New additions are posted on top, like all FaceBook posts.