I am new to the forum and I do not know how to create images and how to put conversations in the different forums of Modellpfervedeversand

:( I can not comment on the forums due to ignorance of the operation of the forum. I am like I said new in that forum. I absolutely love all the animals and I am an amateur of the figures of toy and the figures of collection. But I can not access the discussion forum.

I need help.

:) :Smo: :pulgar arriba:My name is Alex and I want to make comments and contributions in the forum, always respecting its rules and adhering to its discipline. I am an amateur especially to dinosaurs and sadly sadly disappeared animals very recently as thylacino and quagga to cite two examples.

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  • You were'nt exemted in the first day(s) after your login here. But now you are at least. The best help for you: Look in the different categories here, you will find the right field to post the things you are interested in most.