I like nature and animals in general

: Pulgares Hacia Arriba:: Pulgares Hacia Arriba: Amo a todos los animales en especial los dinosaurios y animales extintos, tambien Aunque Me gusta la corriente de animales belleza insuperable y deseo animales Que Puede Ser ningún extinguido

:) :Smo: :pulgar arriba:My name is Alex and I want to make comments and contributions in the forum, always respecting its rules and adhering to its discipline. I am an amateur especially to dinosaurs and sadly sadly disappeared animals very recently as thylacino and quagga to cite two examples.

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  • http://modellpferdeforum.de/in…97-Safari-Neuheiten-2017/ That are the only answers in the "Safari news" right now.

  • Tu hablas español? The Safari animals will be in the shop when they are listed there ;) We're not now all animals that come out from Safari at the moment, but when the MPV can buy them, they will at last be in the shop, too.

  • When will all Safari 2017 references be available in modellpfedeversand? I look forward to your figures in the store like May water.